How the Right Timing Can Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective



How the Right Timing Can Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective


Email marketing is widely considered to deliver the best return on investment among all marketing techniques. With minimal time, effort and cost, email marketing makes it possible for a company to deliver highly personalized messages to target customers on a regular basis. Because of these advantages, email campaigns continue to be widely used by online marketers.

However, anyone who has ever received a marketing email knows that getting a target recipient to open and read an email is never an easy task. In fact, a marketing email is more likely to be consigned to the trash bin unopened rather than be read and responded to. In order to obtain the highest open rate and maximum readership, it turns out that the timing of your email is a crucial factor.


The Best Times for Sending Marketing Emails

According to a study conducted by the marketing software firm, Pure 360, and email marketing expert, Dan Zarella, the following periods are the most opportune times for opening marketing emails:

  • 7PM–10PM – Recipients are more likely to respond to consumer promotions when they get off work and are relaxing on their own time. 23% of emails classified as “consumer promotions” were opened during this period, with promotional offers on clothing and special interests, such as sports and gym promotions, performing extremely well in this period.
  • 6AM–10AM – The beginning of the working day is the second most opportune time for opening emails, with consumers allowing themselves to be distracted by offers on clothes, live events, restaurants and consumer goods.
  • 3PM–5PM – More consumers start thinking about their personal situation by the end of the working day, and as a result, more emails are opened between 3PM and 5PM than during any other time.
  • 5PM–7PM – There is a dramatic rise in recipients opening holiday promotions during this period. 17.9% of all emails classified as “holiday promotions” were opened during these two hours. This is also the period when recipients are most likely to open B2B promotions (26.4%).


The Worst Times for Sending Marketing Emails

On the other hand, these time periods are largely unfavorable for opening marketing emails, except for particular types of promotions:

  • 10PM–6AM – This is referred to as the Dead Zone because a large fraction of emails sent during this period are ineffective.
  • 10AM–Noon – During this period, consumers are focusing on their work and not opening marketing emails.
  • Noon–2PM – Consumers are also unlikely to open emails during their lunch break, choosing instead to spend time on news and magazine alerts.
  • 2PM–3PM – During the immediate post-lunch period, consumers remain focused on work, responding mostly to email offers relating to financial services.


Other Findings

The study also reveals that sending marketing emails on weekends are far more effective than sending them on weekdays. Thus, it is not surprising to find that open and click rates, as well as bounce rates and abuse reports, are the highest during the early mornings and on weekends.

When it comes to the most optimal sending frequency, it appears that the click-through-rate (CTR) is highest when sending less than 4 emails a month, but remains constant when sending emails more than 4 times a month. Similarly, the unsubscription rate is also the highest when sending less than 4 emails a month and stays constant when sending more than 4 times a month.

Finally, the highest CTR and unsubscription rates occur among recipients who have been subscribers for less than 10 days.


The Implications for Email Marketers

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